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1. Explain BSA Logistics Indonesia in less than 10 words
BSA Logistics Indonesia is a fully integrated logistics provider

2. What is integrated logistics?
Integrated logistics is a specific way of applying the concept of logistics itself, or rather the management process that governs the entire flow of materials and information, from their point of origin to the final consumer, even including after sales service.

3. How long has BSA Logistics Indonesia been established?
26 years, BSA Logistics Indonesia was Founded in 1992 and grown to become a world class integrated export, import and logistics services company.

4. If I entrust my products to you, can I visit the warehouse at any time?
Authorization is required in order to access our facilities. After providing their personal details, and with a minimum advance notice, our customers’ contact persons are always permitted to access the warehouse areas dedicated to them in the company of our managers.

5. Customer satisfaction is important; how will you ensure that customers get what they want?
When you provide a service to a customer, you’re also making a promise to be delivered.
It is our goal at BSA Logistics Indonesia to ensure that all our promises are delivered.
Our Center of Excellence is the cornerstone of our reputation, meaning we can ensure that your orders will reach your customers quickly, safely and securely. With access to real-time reporting and automated customer communications, you and your customers always stay informed.

6. Must we have a minimum number of pallets or minimum spend to access your services?
No, whether you are a startup business with 2 pallets of stock, or a multinational company looking to outsource your complete supply chain department, BSA Logistics Indonesia can tailor our services to your individual business needs at industry competitive rates.